Behind the Shoot

A few weeks ago, together with  my two colleagues, we were able to join to a photoshoot organized by  Fashion Runway, a group that mainly focus in all fashion trends and envision to unite and inspire others creation in the world of fashion industry.  

It was a priviledge for us to be able to participate on a fashion photoshoot and exploring the idea of being a "model" just for a couple of hours.  At first, I was hesitant to join on the said event because of my height problem knowing that a 'model' must be five foot and six inches tall, should have the ideal hourglass shape with a vital statistics of 36-24-36 and  must possess a tantalizing eyes,  but I was convinced that I can wear a four-inches heels and false lashes, so  challenge accepted. 

The day of the shoot came, we arrived at the location of the photoshoot on time. The three of us were a little bit anxious yet excited to act as a fashion model and it was our first time to attend an activity like this in Saudi Arabia. There are many aspiring models from different nationality, we met people from Pakistan, Saudi, and of course, my own country. After settling our things, the organizer took us to the hair/make-up artist to beautify our hagard face. The power of HMU artists are unbelievable, after  twenty  strokes of their hands on our face we were transformed.  

credit to the photographers (CG & FR)
After changing our outfits, we were introduced into a divergent world, the world of fashion model. There are about five or six photographers with a non-identical poses and emotions each photographers. Our portrait are from sitting to standing, from innocent, happy, bossy, mad, and attracting facial expressions, I bet they had taken all that kind of photos. I was seriously amaze on how photographers capture the real essence of a beautiful face. I was mesmerized by their talent that through a photographers' eyes, we see wonders and magical things around us. 

After lunch, we had a catwalk practice (included to a one day modeling experience), my legs were complaining so I took a big break from the high heels that I wore. It was about four in the afternoon when we had finished the task, we were exhausted but had  much fun.

I  realized that being a  'model' has a huge responsibility  to the organization/agency, to photographers  to hair/make up artists ,to  audience and to yourself as well. Being a model is not only being pretty, having a perfect shape of body, and being tall, being a model  means a leader and good example to those people who are patrons of your photos.

Weeks before the photoshoot, I do workout every night, 45 minutes cardio and a 10 minutes abs/core exercises. I cut down my carb intake and as much as possible I sleep and rest longer than my usual routine.  It's a challenge for me that I need to be fit, since I am dramatically lazy.  But this shoot taught me lessons, needless to say, I included exercise in my routine with or without photoshoot, eating healthy meals and removing extra curricular activities such as scrolling and stalking social media for me to sleep early. Seriously,  I imagine how Victoria Secret Angels and other supermodels train and maintain that skinny figure. I guess the key to their secret is discipline.. Being a model isn't easy at all.

After all, fashion photos are illusions! A lot of creative people work together to create it. Behind a perfect photo are the artistic, gifted and competent hands of many. 

And I would like to thank the organizers (Fashion Runway Group), the photographers (Cornichegraphers Group), the HMU artists, designers and soon to be top/famous models of KSA, the credit goes to all of you. We had a great time meeting all of you and having a good shoot.

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