Fashion Runway: Sizzlin' Summer and Spring

One of my dreams is walk down the runway during Fashion Week and it's possible.

We woke up at 7:59 in the morning and hurried to fix ourselves and things to bring. We are definitely nervous since Gimma and I were not able to practice our walk and of course excited to wear different designers clothes. We came at the meeting place at exactly 8:45 am and the bus wasn't there yet so we bought 'pancit' and water to satisfy our empty stomach. When we arrived the bus was ready and it was seriously full of beautiful/handsome creatures and luggages. During the trip some of our co-models entertained us by telling jokes and stories.

We arrived at the location of the event and I noticed the smell of the place was like an ashtray, it was carpeted, dark and cramped room. I asked myself, 'Is this the venue? Seriously?' If this is the venue of the event, hands up and I shut my lips.

Director Gab was early and instructed us about the rehearsal. He taught us how to execute our ramp on stage, even the designers suggested on how we will emphasize the gowns and dresses during runway.  The organizers make sure that the stage was carefully built. After our break, the stage was prepared and everything is set. 

The hair/make-up artist were ready to transform us into a VS models. The theme of the event was 'Summer-Spring Sizzlin Fashion Runway' and I imagined it that we will look fresh and revitalized face since summer-spring means water and blossoming flowers. But my expectation was too far from reality, the HMUA turned us into tan/dark colored skin and the reason was its summer so its sun-kissed face. Honestly, I don't have problem with a tanned skin, the only thing was, its just our face and it doesn't blend with the color of our neck, arms or legs. It doesn't make sense to make your face tan and your body was white. But of course, they are the artist and knows what is best. As always, I tap my shoulder, hands up and zip my lips. 

After 3 hours, the show will start, Gimma and I were not yet done with our hair/make-up and there's a rumor that we will transfer to a new location. WHAT???!!! . I don't know what was the issue or the commotion all about but we packed our things and run away. Everybody was in a hurry to get their luggages and run outside. 

We reached the new location, it was familiar! I laughed out loud and this was the place of our church anniversaries. I was absolutely happy, no more cigarette smell and dark room. I know I will definetly enjoy this second location. And looking at the brighter side, the new venue of the event was not new to me anymore. Sometimes, there are hidden paradise behind bad situation.

The only thing was the effort of the organizers in setting up the stage. I admired them for they gave their best to have a great fashion show that night. I salute the organizers of the show for they make things possible that night. After all the fashion runway was successful. All models were outrageously stunning with the various designers clothes though the simultaneous change of dress was quick.

I can say that whatever the undesireable things that happened and will happen, the show must go on because it is not about 'YOU'  but those viewers who are expecting a marvelous spectacle and to those people who gave their 200% energy and time to make this exibition of beautiful designed clothings possible. And to reciprocate all of these, 'YOU' as a fashion runway model have the passion to deliver your best whatever the condition.

P.S. All photos displayed are not mine. Credit to all official  photographers of Fashion Runway. I assure you that all photos displayed on this post was not edited/cropped. 

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