Farewell Photoshoot

Chase your dreams in high-heels, of course!

I can never imagine how difficult to say good-bye to the people who makes me feel special in peculiar ways. It never crossed on my mind that I will be able to 'act' as  a real fashion model not until, eleven hours before my flight, a group of photographers headed by sir Axcel Inacay in collaboration with Fashion Runway headed by Mr. Oliver Pascua who sponsored the location of the shoot and the HMUA of the day, Dennis Lasta did an amazing gift for me - a farewell photoshoot.

I want to say thank you to all the photographers  namely  Sir Axcel Inacay, John Alcantara, Eigo Laucsap, Feliciano del Feiro and other photographers who patiently took incredibly wonderful shots.

I want to applaud the Fashion Runway Group headed by Mr. Oliver Pascua and Mr. Chad Cabatit who supported my farewell photoshoot and who continuously boost the skills of the fashion runway models . 

I want to extend my appreciation to Shirley and Ron who woke up at six in the morning to accompany me.  

Fashion isn't all glamour and sophistication. It comes from hardship and determination. Fashion has to reflect of who you are, from what you speak and act.

The title seems so sad but I can’t find the right word to describe how blessed I am. 

Thank you so much. 

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