Kudos! Open Letter to My Jabal RAM Family


Shirley, Ruby, Loucel and Gima: 

My unkabogable roommates. Who patiently understand that I don’t like messy room. Each of you were unique and yet we had maintained the friendship. Thank you for being part of my Saudi life. Three years wasn’t easy, and each of you make it happy,  simple and memorable. Thank you for I have learned the attitude of giving, patience, understanding and loving unconditionally. Each of you taught me these things.

Jen, Tin, Cherry, Melissa and Ma-an: 

At first, I couldn’t stand the thought of mingling with each of you. I am distant and aloof. First, language barrier, second, character. But as the years had passed, I know I can be able to establish trust and soon be friends to all of you. I may not be that close enough with each of you, but I know in my heart, you have left me an impression that ‘No matter what happen, whatever the attitude, God put them in your life, not to change them, but to change YOU.’  Thank You.

Rizza, Renalyn, Grace, MJ, and Teresa: 

The baby faces (most). Thank you for making my Saudi life full of laughters and the feeling of being 21 years old again. The joy of knowing each of you makes me younger. 

Olivia, Claire, Janet, Bea , Lorie and Kissy: 

Thank you. For we have shared great memories. From sadness to gladness. From serious to more ‘kalokohan’. 

Ron, Mitch, Queeny, Nice and Janina: The newbies. Thank You for I have met you before saying ‘adios’. I encourage you to be patient and love what you’re doing, love your job and it will love you back. When everything isn't right, always bark at the right tree. 'Kapit lang kayo, matatapos nyo din ang dalawang taon at makakakain din kayo ng pork chop'.

Dr. Rhona and Family:

I want you to know that I’d prayed to my Precious God, that when I got another job I want it to love it and will be happy about it. Truly, God answers every good prayer. Thank You Doki, for your patience and love for me. Thank You for always understanding my mood swings. I want you to know that you are the best dentist I have ever met. You are not working for the sake of work, but you’ve put all of your 201% energy and love on what you are doing, wether be it in community or in the clinic. I want you to know that you are a good example of an amazing leader. Thank you for all the wisdom that you have taught me. Thank you for being part of your family, for sharing your stories as a doctor, mother, sister, daughter and wife. You are one of my inspiration. Thank You.

Management: (From Manager to Cleaners and Drivers): 

Haist! I can never thank you enough for all the complaints, quarrels, madness and good laughters that we have shared. I maybe a bad ass girl to all of you but I cherish all the memories that we have shared. Those times when everything was a mess, and times when everything was well - I want you to know that my  life wouldn’t be awesome without you. You are the ‘bida-kontrabida’ of my uncompelling Saudi life. Thank You.

I want to congratulate all of you because you are all wonderful and exceptional in different ways yet you have left a carve in my heart, all of you will be part of my memories. I will surely miss our good laughters and sometimes the antagonistic ideas we've shared together. 

To my fellow nurses, keep the faith. May you all be virtuous in everything. Always remember, when you feel like quitting, think about why you started. Kudos sa inyong lahat! 

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