See You! Open Letter To My S&L Family

We are bound to heaven and earth is just our temporary home.

The primary reason why I was belonged into this family was food. Yes! Physical food every Friday was sumptuous and free. I had never thought that I can belong into a family that were born into other woman’s womb and race each differently and yet the ties between each member were unbreakable. My purpose here in Saudi was to wok hard and play it harder, I never thought that I will met each one of you and Christ found me in this wilderness and dessert place. Him as the word, He sustain me with spiritual food that not all people can digest.

I would like to say thank you and humbly asking for apologies for all the troubles that I had caused during the days and until now.  I want you to know that whenever I am doubt of my faith in Christ, I am remiscing all the memories that we had together. I am remembering all the good words that you have shared in the pulpit or when we had a fellowship after our service.  Each one of you has been my inspiration and motivation to seek Christ in every circumstances that I have in my life from my past, present and to the future.

To Kuya Dodong and Ate Joy: I am blessed knowing a family like yours. An understanding husband with a good chef wife was incredible. I will surely miss your good voice during our practice and the mouth-watering dishes of Ate Joy (specially during anniversaries). Thank You.

To Kuya Vic and Ate Pike: I am thankful on your relationship as a family. Though Kuya Vic was silent type of person and as well as ate Pike. You have raised your three Maria’s accordingly to the word of the Lord. Thank You.

To Kuya Cris and Ate Donna: I am joyful that I have known you. A parents that impose  discipline to their kids whenever they had done wrong. A parents that are very proud of their kids on their achievements.  Thank you for your patience each Friday picking us up in our accommodation. Thank you. 

To Kuya Allan and Ate Sarah: I am blessed knowing you. A jolly, happy man with a caring wife is  amazingly beautiful. Your family was huge in number and yet you have managed to raised your kids equally love and give each one of them attention that they needed. I’ve been a witnessed of your ups and downs, not all but some. And I have seen how good and faithful our Lord God in your marriage and family.  Truly, you have put our Lord Christ the centre of your  growing family. Thank you.

To Tatay Sol and Nanay Marlyn: I am thankful to the Lord about your relationship as husband and wife and as friend-enemies.  You have shown me that through the ages, a genuine love of a man to his wife was the most precious thing about marriage. Thank You.

To RAM Girls: I am thankful to our God that I have known you, not only at our accomodation and work place but as well as in the family of our Christ. I know that I have never been so close to each of you but I will always cherish you not only as my friend but my sister in Christ. Thank you for allowing me to met you in the house of our Great King. Thank You.

To Kuya Chris, Kuya Joper, Kuya Benjie, Kuya Lando and Kuya Russell: I thank God for your life. Through your sharings, testemonies, talents and skills you shown that every creature is unique and has their own abilities to share for the welfare of others and for the advancement of the Kingdom of the Lord. I am grateful that I've met each of you. Thank You.

To Kuya Boy: The man who finds love and laughters in everything and share it to people around him. Thank You kuya boy for knowing you. May Christ gives you more joy in serving Him through your love in music. Thank You.

To Kuya Julius: Our Paul Restaurant Chef and pastry giver. Thank You for meeting such a generous person like you. Christ is the provider and the giver and it transcends in you. Thank You.

To S&L Kids and Teens: My heart is overwhelmed how blessed you are that you grow up in a Christ-family. I envy you. I had wished that I was born into a family like yours, a God-centered family. I had wished that I have  a parents like yours, a fully equipped in God's word. I had wished I am your sister, so that we can lovingly grow in Christ together. Thank You for your life that I have seen the difference of a child well raised in the goodness and faithfulness of Christ  by their Christian parents between a child well raised by their parents alone. Thank You.

To Pastor Joel: Indeed, Lord answered every prayer of a righteous man. Thank You for your life. Through you I am blessed by the words of God. I may have known you for a short time, but my heart rejoices. Thank you for telling me the things that I needed to hear the most, "To never give up my faith no matter what because at the end of the day, it is just between me and our God." It maybe painful at first, but I am sure, it shall pass through the comfort of our Christ. Thank You. 

My prayer is, may God direct my path not only my next journey but may He command my feet to my next spiritual family in the Philippines where I can continue growing with Him with love and obedience. 

My heart is full of joy because I belong into a family that cannot be shaken because the foundation is the Rock our Christ.  I may not see you physically, but I will surely see you through my prayers. I am a little bit emotional right now, but good-bye's are not the end of everything yet it is the hardest part of all. I will surely miss our Friday service and fellowship. I will take all the encouragement words that you have given me and carve it in my heart because those words are precious to me. 

I will miss you, each one of you. See you all!

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