ShortPost : Queen City of the South

Lungsod ng Cebu ( Dakbayan sa Sugbu ), the Queen City of the South, it is the second largest city next to Manila since Cebu City is the Philippine's main domestic shipping port. It is the oldest city and the first settlement of the Spanish period.

I was able to  finally visit Cebu, for the first time. I was invited by our church mate from KSA to travel in their place since they are having their short vacation in the Philippines. Thanks to Air Asia and to Buot Family for their warm welcome in their sweethome.

I met the three gorgeous daughters of Kuya Dodong and Ate Joy, namely Ciara, Tara and Wynonah. I got the priviledge to have a conversation with their three spectacular grandchildren; Andy, Blake and Dom and knowing the generosity of Kuya Paeng. I've got the joy of knowing ate Joy's mother and the a.k.a 'mayor sarah duterte', ate april. 

Traveling Cebu wouldn't be complete without the mouth-watering dishes prepared by Ate Joy. I thought, she was just kidding when she told us that she prepared a lechon na baboy. But she's not playing a joke when it comes to food. And if only, you can taste how flavorful the lechon of Cebu, I am sure, babalik-balikan mo. And its not only the lechon, they also prepared steamed - buttered Scalloops, its my first time to taste this kind of shell. Fresh lumpia, pancit bihon and native tinola was on the table. The food was sumptous and good for my tastebuds.

I was electrified to discover Cebu. I was planning  for our timetable to drop by historical places and at least an island to experience vitamin sea of Cebu. Our first and second day was lame because there was a family emergency, so they need to settle it down immediately. So we just take a good sleep and determined to explore Cebu the following day.


DAY 1: We took a good rest and sleep. And having a chit-chat with the family members. It was so nice to met all of them.

DAY 2: I woke up at six in the morning to stretch out my muscles and went downstairs for a walk. At night we spend at Dimsum Restaurant ( I don't have a photo ) and wine tasting at La Vie Parisiene .And special thanks to Wynonah ( Ms. Cebu ) and Kuya Paeng who accompanied us to this wonderful place.

DAY 3:  We planned to visit  the famous Bantayan Island and Virgin Island to experience the Vitamin Sea of Cebu. At 5:30 in the morning we packed our stuff and look for an Uber. According to Cebuanos, Bantayan Island is a 4 hours by land and 1 hour by sea so a total of 5 hours trip to reach the famous island. I am very thankful on internet and bloggers because they have helped me on how to get there and read facts on what to expect when we get there.

DAY 4: After spending a night at Bantayan Island, we went on hunting historical places of Cebu City. It was 12 in the afternoon when we arrived at Mandaue City. The heat of the sun was bearable ( for me ), and if you want to discover a place you have to endure the scorching heat. Good thing, I was wearing a white shirt and cap just to temporarily alleviate the high temperature.

Discovering Cebu in four days wasn't enough. According to locals, we haven't seen the best of Cebu and we should come back or at least stay for two weeks.

P.S. I will make a separate blog for each itinerary, except for day one since it was a getting-to-know day.  And I'm sorry for the late post.

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