La Vie Parisienne

Located at a busy street of Lahug, Cebu City, situated a wine and pastry paradise.  Starting our second day in Cebu City, our host for the night brought us to La Vie Parisienne, a french inspired pastry and wine library. 

La Vie Parisienne means ' Parisian Life ' in English. It's part of the La Maison Compound, at first it was just an ordinary building but wait until sunset. The place glow and beautifully lighted with various led lights. It was magnificent.

La Vie Parisienne offers a dozen of pastries, cupcakes, bread, muffins and thousands of wine from different parts of the world. I just love the concept of the place. A resemblance of cherry blossoms and white furniture's makes the place picturesque and nothing beats a cold strawberry wine at your table.

And I would like to thank Wynonah and Kuya Paeng for accompanying us. I am grateful that I have experience the tasty wine of Cebu. 

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