Malaysia : Travel Guide for First Timer

Blessed with azure-shimmering beaches, forests and all of nature's bounty, Malaysia will not dissappoint you. From rich historical and cultural heritage of Penang and the pristine island of Langkawi, truly, Malaysia is one of the best Asia's top destination for travelers.

Malaysia sits between Singapore and Thailand, literally its easy to travel from and to the country. The country is divided into two main region, the Peninsular  Malaysia on the West, composed of Kuala Lumpur and nearby states.

And East Malaysia, composed of Sarawak and Sabah in Borneo Island.

Malaysia has tons of stuff to offer to travelers, from diving to exploring the jungle, from spicy-curry food hunting to shopping and from history sites going to the glimmering twin tower on the city. Take this country in a slow pace, take a deep breath and get off the beaten path to get the country of yourself. 


Dorms and hostels cost 25 - 50 MYR per night with a bunk bed, either female/male or mixed dorms with common bathroom, free wifi and some offer free coffee.Luxurious  hotel rooms  will cost you 200 MYR and up with all the amenities. There are also private rooms with A/C, free wifi and breakfast  starting 75 MYR per night. Airbnb is also availbale in this country, from around 50 MYR per night, you can have a comfortable bed. And if you want an entire home apartment, expect to pay at around 250 MYR per night.

Street meal or food hawkers are famous in Malaysia, so its not hard to find food. You can have a decent food for 5 MYR and rarely will cost you 15 MYR and up. Fast food (like KFC, Mc Donalds) will give you a combo meal starting to 20 MYR. Mid-range and Western Restaurant are quite expensive and expect to pay at around 25 MYR and up. Drinks (beer, wine and other liquiors ) will cost you starting 15 MYR per bottle.  Of course, for a week of groceries, for local stuff that you need, it will range to 90 - 100 MYR.

Expect to pay at around 5-15 MYR per trip to a bus. Taxis are all over the country, however I will not recommend you this kind of transporation for it will destroy your budget on traveling. UBER, a very friendly app for travelers is also available in Malaysia, it will cost  around 20 MYR. Trains are widely used as a transportation for both local and foreigners in the country, for 5 - 10 MYR, you can explore Kuala Lumpur.  Hop On, Hop Off Buses is common for foreigners, for 20 MYR you can enjoy the scenery of the city without hurting your feet.

Most attractions in Malaysia is cheap! Island hopping will cost you 30 MYR, historical tour is about 20 MYR and Aquarium sight-seeing is 50 MYR per head. Langkawi panorama will cost you 75 MYR, it includes skycable car and 3D Museum.


Local Street Food - never underestimate the roti canai, nase lamak, chendol, and other Malaysia dishes. They are cheap, a taste of local and delectable.

Taxis - forget about them! Cabs are hilariously expensive.

Take a free walking tour - This is a win-win! Walking can get you somewhere cheap and you can also burn calories.

Dont' drink - save it for a country with free flowing beer, like Thailand. Malaysia is a Muslim country, and drinking alcohol is forbidden, thats why liquors here are expensive.

Dorms/Hostel - this kind of accomodation is budget - friendly specially if you're a lone ranger traveller.


Ride a trishaw of Melaka -  A unique form of transportation found all over Melaka. The wild and glamorous decoration to the max with a techno -club music.

Take a photo  of Pink Mosque of Putrajaya - The amazing architectural design of the mosque like no other similar mosque in the world.

Visit Petronas Tower of Kuala Lumpur -  A must-see twin tower. Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia, the enchanting city will capture your heart.

Relax in Pulao Langkawi - Depicted in thousand of magazines, articles, blogs, this island is a must-travel for a peicturesque of more sun and vitamin - SEA.

Enjoy the street wall art of Georgetown - The famous 3D wall art in this place was worth your time. You can feel the vibe of old-cosmopolitan and cultural heritage all around Georgetown.

Malaysia is hugely different with other countries. The country is incomparable to Philippines or Thailand. It has a unique characteristics that hook more travelers to explore its beauty. 

P.S. I will do a separate blog each places. Keep on reading!

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