Melaka (Malacca), Malaysia

A UNESCO World Heritage site,  has a idiosyncratic blend of modern and multicultural history. Melaka (Malacca) is a rewarding town to explore and two hours away from Kuala Lumpur. This city is noteworthy of your time when you're in Malaysia.

'Dont Mess with Melaka' - the catchphrase in the city, sums up the pride that it gives to travelers every time they stepped into this charming city. 

Melaka or Malacca, whichever you choose, its the same. This city was our first stop when we arrived in the country.  According to my Malaysian cousins, Ate Lyn and Miriam, this known city was rich in history. It was also their first time to visit the city, so all of us were eager to traverse the little city of Melaka.

There are numerous accommodation in the place from luxurious to budget-friendly guesthouses. Since we are group, we decided to get a two huge bed good for five person. We end up staying here for two days and one night.  We paid a total of 100 MYR without breakfast, with free WI-FI, airconditioned room and private toilet. The Baba House was old yet cozy. The location was quite far from the main street but it was accessible.

After a long journey, we are exhausted and tried to have a rest for at least three hours before we embark on walk. When we all woke up, the clouds were crying and thought its best for a humid weather. It was already six in the evening when we went outside. We decided to have our early dinner and find a grocery store for tomorrow's breakfast. 

Asam Pedas, Chicken - Egg noodles and Nasi Lemak , some of the Malaysian cuisine that I tried during my stay at Melaka. The spicy and curry-filled dishes were famous in the country. 

Afer the sumptuous dinner served by Hajjah Mona Asam Pedas, my cousins and I went off to look for a grocery shop.Since my mom felt pain on her foot, my parents went back to the hotel and rest.

Wandering off the town looking for a shop to buy a bread was ridiculous. We went back and forth to the same place four times. We even asked locals if where was their grocery store, they were pointing to east, west, north and south. And the three of us don't have the sense of direction. It was hysterically funny. Long hours of walk, finally! We found a mall. And they don't have a grocery store. Oh my Gashhhhh! Goodthing, I noticed the red & green paint of 7-11 convenience store. Sa wakas!!Hulog ka ng mahabaging Panginoon!

During those long walk, we are able to enjoy the city. I perceived many tourists along the way, specially  Koreans with their cute posing for picture taking to historical sites. I was fascinated on how government officials facilitate the incoming crowd even at night. The trishaw was glowing and the techno-club music gave the people in street a dance vibe.

Morning came, after breakfast in bed, though we already explored the city at night, I still want to find adventure in Melaka. My cousins and I, went to this Menara tower. It was a skyscraper at the middle of the city looking the view of the whole Melaka from the top. 

The rest of the state was formed by forests, farmland and beaches. Melaka is a resemblance of Vigan, Philippines (click here). It is a modern city with a swag, a maintained architectural heritage and glitzy trishaws.

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