Why you should include Langkawi in your travel-list?

Wonderful beaches, rainforests, gushing waterfalls, bizarre rock formation and jungles with variety of wild monkeys and other creatures are few reasons why you should visit Langkawi, Malaysia.

So let's get started. Here are the few of things I did when I visited Langkawi for the first time.


Langkawi's Cable car is one of the most popular thing to do in the island. The queus on the ticket booth indicate that people are willing to wait just to ride the most exciting car in the world. The steep ride up going to Mt. Mat Cinchang stops at the midpoint then continues onwards, both stops have cafe's and platforms for stunning views.

Looking down at Pantai Cenang and the whole island far below is even iteresting, but the real excitement is the ride itself!

Once at the top, located 2,300 feet above sea level, the Skybridge is easily accesible by the Langkawi Cable Car. It is one of the highlights of the island, a 410 ft. loong above Mount Mat Cinchang. The Langkawi Sky bridge is located at the end of the 'cable car' . 

* Don't come on a cloudy, windy or rainy days - the Langkawi Panorama might be close. If its open, you'll get dissapointed, you might not see anything except clouds. 
* Bring your own snack - the cafe's and restaurants at the top is expensive. Just for savy money tip.
* There are a lot of stops because of picture moments before entering. Disregard those stuff. Its a waste of time.
* Don't be surprise or get offended if the price of the ticket is different from Malays to foreigners (its pretty normal in Asia)
* You can do afun activity at the top aside from taking photos. You can buy a heart/love lock and engrave your name on it and hang it on the bridge. It will just cost you 30 MYR.
*Spend at least 2 hours at the top.
* The Langkawi Sky Bridge & Cable Car is open daily from 10:00 am until 8:00 pm.

A momentum where you will trust the power of engineering, a curved bridge suspended in thin air. I  know it's sound like a cliche but it is really true - the view from the top and at the platform of the bridge are outrageously beautiful - great for those Kodak moments. 

02 | 3D MUSEUM

The 3D art and optical illusions in the museum are incredibly fascinating and creative. With many interesting and interactive art pieces, you eill definetly enjoy and be a kid for 45 minutes. Althought the main purpose of visiting the museum seem to just get a creative poses, fun and quirky photos of yourself , there are some that will capture your eyes and leaves a visually impressive art works.

* Shoes must be removed at the door.
* Althought the place  seems clean, wear your socks if you're squeamish
* The entrance fee is included in the combo ticket in the Cable car.
* If you're alone - I doubt if you'll enjoy taking selfie. But if you're courageous, ask someone to take photo of you.


The reddish - brown sculptured eagle at Dataran Lang (Helang) was built as an emblem of the island. Located at the southeast corner of Pulau Langkawi, besides offering a pretty view of Kuah Bay, the Eagle Square is one of the perfect picturesque for poster or instagram. Beside the square was bridges, terraces and fountains perfect for wandering off. The square is a good place to watch ferries ply across the harbour but plan a trip here early in the morning or late in the evening when the sun is at its least intense. But I personally came here at sunset. 


Pulau Singa Besar - means the 'Island of Big Lions', although there are no lions in the island. When you come to this island, you will witness an incredible natural show - the Eagle Feeding.

I belong to a boat tour, the boatman stopped the engine and throw some chicken pieces out into the water to invite the eagles. In no time the eagles dive down and clawing the chicken pieces. We saw 5- 10 eagles hovering around and having the chance to capture photos. We watched them for about 5 to 10 minutes.


Langkawi is lush with forest, jungle, wild animals and interesting local stories. Dayang Bunting Lake is one of the touristy island in Pulau Langkawi. So why its so famous? The literal meaning of its name is 'Island of Pregnant Maiden'. And it has a wonderful large fresh water lake (known as Lake Guillemard) surrounded by hills having dense rain forests. The lake too is known as Lake of the Pregnant Maiden. 

The legend says that a man named Mat Teja feel inlove with the princess Mambang Sari and they eventually married. The princess gave birth to a son, however their son died. Because of sadness,  the princess died and they buried their son together with the princess in the lake of water. The gracious princess also blessed all women having difficulty in conceiving a child. They would become fertile once they take a dip into the water of the lake. 

* Be careful with wild monkeys. They are harmless yet they grab plastics specially food. I have a one on one encounter with them, they try to grab my cap and my shades. They are pretty curious about colorfol stuff around them. 
*  The lake is great for swimming. Rent a life jacket for 5 MYR if your not confident about swimming. 
* If swimming is not your stuff, rent a paddled boat, kayak or swan boat for 15 MYR and roam around the lake.
* You can dip your feet on a separate fresh water close to the stall, you can feed catfish and can tickle your feet. (Somehow, it will relax your feet for a while.)
* There are boardwalk along the lake (for a bout half way). You can wander and take a look on the lake on a different points. 

Hypothetically, the story remains as a strong belief within the locals. To add to the mystery that surrounds the island and the lake, if you take a look at the hills that forms the backdrop of the lake, from an angle it looks like as if a woman is lying on her back and the belly bulging out like that of a pregnant woman. 


The island means 'Island of Wet Rice'. This is the last stop in the tour. It's a great place for beach lovers and swimmers. This is a picture perfect island viewing the sea horizon.
* Sunscreen, shades and beach blanket is a must in this island.
* Better bring your own food and your type of music for better relaxation.
* Plenty of monkeys around so be watchful of your stuffs.

Some areas are stony and it's not ideal for snorkeling and diving. Sometimes due to the passing of boats the water gets murky.

You will stay here for one hour, so find your shady, quiet and relaxing lounge to tenjoy the view as the gentle breeze flows.


A full stretch of this magnificient sandy beach located on the wester shoreline of Langkawi. The most popular beach to both tourists and locals. 

Series of accommodation and restaurants of all kinds at Cenang Beach. You can also find all kinds of watersports and activities from varoius points align the beach.

* Pantai Cenang Beach is family friendly beach.
* Do not let your kids go beyond and into the deep, as much as possible keep them to the shore.
* If its windy, the red flag is all around the beach - meaning swimming is prohibited.
* October to May, the beach is crowded. Good thing I came in the month of July.
* There are no public toilets/changing rooms along the beach area.

Pantai Cenang is a public beach. It is open 24 hours and no entrance fee.  Sunset is best in Cenang beach. 


One of my dream is to drive and ride on a jetski, unfortunately when I planned to go for it, its windy. I wanted to try but safety first. So I decided to just take a picture of it and soon I will be able to accomplish my dream.

Parasailing, banana boat and kayak are some of the water sports you can do in Langkawi beach. There are many rental shops along the roads of Pantai Cenang and nearby to try out watersports.

Check this site for more information about watersports: click here


Shopping, one of the top reasons why you have to unclude Langkawi in your travel-list. in 1987, the Malaysia Government has exempted the island from duty, which means there are abundance of all kinds of item which will be at economical price. However, not all stores in the isalnd are duty free. There are designated stores, shopping centers and malls that are duty free.

Kuah Town, which is the commercial hub of Langkawi. The town has larger number of shopping complexes that includes in duty free shops. Pantai Cenang, is the next best place for shopping because most tourist are here.

I went to Langkawi Fair Mall accross to it is the Eagle Square. I went here to eat at Mc Donalds and find useful stuff. 


Traveling alone has its perks : you get to do what you want, when you want, discover new and honest things about the world and yourself, and enjoy an uplifting, mindful traveling experience without someone else's influences or approval. But after a while, talking to yourself and eating a meal without being able to share funny thoughts and observations about the day with another human being - it gets awfully lonesome.

* Actually, be a tourist. There's no shame  in being a tourist. Embrace your skin and eye color. 
* Join local and group tours.
* Hostels are easy way to meet new friend. I met Kathrine at the hostel. She's a German, an intern in Kuala lumpur and she's a lovely lady. 

I choose to be a solo female traveler when I went to Langkawi. It takes me months to build my courage to pursue my  soul's dream. And YES! I am proud of myself. I've done it without regret and everything went well. As a solo traveler, I bought my common sense, trying not to be a FOMO and wear the best smile that I have. Bottom line, making friends and meeting different people are just like back home: you need to be proactive, keep an open mind and emphasize safety.  


You would need weeks - a lot of courage and motivation - to cover all the things to do in Langkawi. It is host to a good mix of indoor and outdoor activities, from thrilling adventure to being proud of yourself. You never really travel alone, the world is full of friends waiting to get to know you together with the beautiful places to be known. So you better plan ahead and visit Langkawi!

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