Georgetown, Penang

Touring and learning more about Malaysia, was one of my perks when I arrived at Penang International Airport. A friend and classmate of mine, invited me to visit the place for she boasted that Penang is a heaven for food and art lovers. 

I am not disappointed neither felt boredom when I stayed at Penang for four days and three nights. Georgetown, Penang has a remarkable reputation on its impeccable food and rich colonial structures. A city full of charm and character, a reason to be one of the UNESCO heritage site. It is worth a visit!


Street Food

If you are coming to Penang, you don't have to starve yourself. Forget about organic and diet food. Penang is diet as tolerated area. I recommend to do a restaurant shopping, or if your are in a budget, food hawkers are everywhere. You can do a taste-bud sampling in each food stall. I recommend chendol, - a resemblance of Pinoy 'halo-halo' and pork floss. 


Clan Jetty

We accidentally visit the jetty thru biking. We were laughing because the bike that I rented was too heavy and I can't control the bike. So, I've decided to just return it back and walk. 

The jetty was over crowded with house and there is a narrow wooden hallway going from here and there. There are also shops for souvenir items.  

Penang Hill

If you're bored of the city view from an eye level, you can increase your adventure by hiking the Penag Hill and you can get a beautiful panorama of Penang. When I get there it was cloudy and about to rain so I just decided to stay there for an hour because all I can see was clouds. You can click here for further information.

Street Arts

Penang is famous in their street art. It is a 3d wall art that you can do any pose you want. It is the cheap version of 3D art museums. The arts are very entertaining and interesting. Every street has iconic arts and the history of the city was all over the street and narrated via art.

Kek Lok Si

According to my friend, Kek Lok Si is the largest and widest temple of all temples in Penang. Technically, the temple's location is not in Georgetown  but if you visit Penang Hill, you can combine wandering both place. It is just about 15 minutes away from Penang Hill. 

City Temple

Temples are all around Georgetown, the way temples were made was fascinating. Every details of the carved stones and position of every statue has  meaning and implication to their religious ceremonies. 

ESCAPE Adventure

If you feel like escaping the city crowd, you can enjoy at ESCAPE Adventure. You can run, crawl, climb and jump like a kid. I enjoyed my whole day at this place. I rode the kite flyers, jump on a 20 meters tall sky scraper and swing like a monkey on their  maze. I love the acrobatic show they prepared every 3 PM. Its a place where you can face your fear of heights. Thanks to my friend and classmate who's with me all through out.

Colonial Architecture

Spending time alone was a perk , you observe everything all the time and you talk less - for some its quiet frustrating. I recommend you to walk around Goergetown and enjoy the pretty colonial structures. You can see the British influence here and see the different splashes of hues in every building. 

Explore Little India

Little India is a colorful and vibrant shop houses selling fancy jewelries, fabrics, flowers and Indian foods. The temple is a picturesque for photographers.

Tour Bus (Hop on Hop off)

If you're tired of walking around, you can do a bus tour, with in 24 hours you've already traveled every historical places in Georgetown without a sweat.

The last street wall art I've took on my phone, located in front of my hostel. It reminds me of a quote - 'Traveling becomes a part of you somehow. It is broad, wholesome and cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth'.

I have missed Penang every day. I had a great time in this place The food was sumptous, and the people were friendly and approachable. I will, and still explore Penang even if I experienced its charm."Babalik-balikan ang Penang".

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