The Glamour of Kuala Lumpur

The Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur or commonly known as K.L., the host of the 29th Southeast Asia and 9th ASEAN Para Games 2017 and the national capital of Malaysia as well as the largest city.  Kuala Lumpur is a glamorous city day and night.  Its famous Petronas Tower (Twin Tower) attract many travelers and it is also one of the best shopping destination. 

My parents, cousins and I, planned to stay in K.L. for 3 days 2 nights after our  Putrajaya trip. The two hours journey from the city of Putrajaya made me exhausted and asked them if its better to find a place to rest for the night since its already seven in the evening. The driver brought us to Bukit Bintang - a shopping desination of locals and foreigners - and also the location of affordable accomodation was here.

After the check in process in the hotel and a bit of rest. My cousins and I decided to just walk around the area for occular inspection for familiarization. It was funny since the three of us don't have sense of direction. As usual we got lost and for the 5th time, we went back and forth to the same place. Good thing I have a subscription to internet connection and google map helped us to locate our accomodation.

In the morning, Ate Lyn and Mariam woke us up at around five. They asked us if our room was okey because their room was flooded with water coming from the other room and all their things, including clothes were wet. It was bad day for all of us, so we've decided to change our room from 2nd floor, we transferred to 3rd floor. 

Our itinerary for the day was to visit Suria KLCC, Petronas Tower, Aquaria KLCC, Kasturi Walk, Pavillion , Central Market for souvenir and 'pasalubong'. And for our last day, we wanted to go to Batu Cave and  historical sites before heading home. 

Jalan Parlimen is a major road in KL that has been there since 20th century. The main road was leafy and near the botanical garden. Our driver tour us into their largest mosque in KL and in Tugu Peringatan Negara Malaysia, one of the historical places in KL. 

Our last destination was the Batu Cave, it is one of the frequently visited place, aside from Petronas Tower. It is a limestone hill comprising of three major caves and small caves. It is a sacred place for Hinduism, since this cave was the location of their prayers and offerings to their Lord Murugan. The Batu Cave is the focal point of Thaipusam Festival held every January.  

To reach the actual cave, you have to climb 272 steps and along the way, you will be welcomed by wild monkeys that might take your belongings. They have a dress code, since this place was sacred, girls are not allowed to wear shorts and need to cover their skin.

Kuala Lumpur  has an uncanny way of charming many travelers. The city has given me the chance to meet and greet my beloved cousins, to get to know them in person and able to share laughter and crazy moment together. 

After our last stop, we headed to airport to say good-bye to KL. Indeed, it was a satisfied adventure together with your family. And being with my cousins, since its been a decade that we haven't seen each other, it was one of my unforgettable trip. 

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