A Love to Last : Coron, Palawan

Coron, a town in the province of Palawan, is the most sought after destination in the Philippines. It has white pristine sand beaches, unbelievably turquiose waters, rich aquatic life, shipwrecks brought by World War II and amazingly - grandoise landscape. 

Coron is a perfect sweet esacpe destination to casual holiday vacationer, solo or hardcore group backpackers, beach enthusiast,  and adventurous divers. Once you've visited Coron, you'll definitely want a second comeback - and Coron will decide for you!


I've decided to bought our planeticket at Philippine Airline via Clark Airport since it's the nearest airport in our province. It is one hour airtravel going to Busuanga - Francisco B. Reyes Airport. 


Deciding where to sleep and rest for 4days and 3 nights is a long process, since I will be with the person with safety issues, so I will not be able to include hosteling list eventhough its a budget-friendly.

After long nights of searching, I've decided to booked at Islands View Inn. I am happy with my decision ,booking at this hotel for three reasons - 1) The hotel is walking-distance to town proper. It is accessible to all stores, restaurant and shops. 2) The staff are polite and accommodating in answering my queries over the phone or mail. I've also booked a tour package from them. Thank you to Ms. Anne and to all staff of Islands View Inn. 3) It is safe - a must in finding a hotel. 

The room of the hotel was very basic and small in space. There's no free toiletries, but towels and bedsheets were clean. There's a few choices of breakfast, and its the same menu everyday. No internet/wifi at the time of our stay. Though the hotel I've chosen wasn't the best of Coron, Im still satisfied. Afterall, you'll not stay in your room for the rest of your trip, you'll be out and doing adventurous stuff.


From the airport, you can ride a van. We were picked by a van - which is included in our tour package. From your hotel, getting around the town, you can ride tricycle. 


There are tremendous restaurant and bars all over the town - from luxurious diner to cheap eatery. These are the few of the eateries: 

Big Mama's Pinoy Hot Pot and Grill
Lolo Nonoy's Food Station
No Name Bar
Island Boy Grill

Restaurants and bars are open until 11 in the evening daily. Coron is a safe place. Zero crime rate and you can't see policemen roaming around despite of many tourists and foreigners all over the town.


Town/City Tour

-Mount Tapyas-

Mt. Tapyas can be reached on foot. It is the 2nd tallest peak in Coron, with 700 steps. It is the first  stop when you visit Coron, most accessible and nearest to the town. For me, it's an easy climb; the steps are made up of concrete and if you're tired, there are many resting stops when going up. From the top, you can see the whole town of Coron, the huge cross and stunning sunset.

-Maquinit Hotspring-

Set in the middle of mangrooves, you can enjoy and relax at the Maquinit Hotsprings. It is a saltwater hotspring, on a 40 degrees Celcius. At first, you'll be scared to dip your toe but as your whole body submerge to water, your body temperature will adjust and you'll be able to relax. You can stay for about 5-10 minutes in the water,. You'll notice the redness of your skin and thirsty. 

The source of the hotspring was said to be from the underground inactive volcano that heats up the saltwater and now gathered on a giant tub. Just be careful, because the pebble and the stones of the pool was slippery and if your squeamish - don't dip your whole body - there's alot of mucuidic stuff under.

According to our tour guide, the Maquinit Hotspring  is a private property, then the owner turned it to business. There's an entrance fee of 200 php/person since we are in a tour package - it's free. You can stay at the hotspring as long as you want. Its unlimited relaxation.

Mangrooves are between the seawater and the hotspring pool. The scenery was satisfactory. Our tour guide, told us about Mangrooves - theres a female and a male 'bakawan' - if the leaves of the tree was round its a female and if its elongated/oblong its a male.

-St. Augustine Church-

-Lualhati Park-

-Souvenir /Cashewnut Shop-

Coron Ultimate Island Tour

Probably the most popular tour in Palawan, is the Coron Ultimate Island, Lagoon and Lake hopping.  Coron has two of the most fascinitaing lakes in the world, which is open publicly. The Kayangan Lake and Barracuda Lake. It is a home for Tagbanuas, but because of its charm, many are attracted to swim on it. 

And if you're a diver or passionately inlove with wrecks, corals and other colorful marines under the sea, you will enjoy the Skeleton Wreck and Siete Pecados tour - at first, I was hesistant to jump off the boat and wear a snorkel gear - well, traveling is conquering fear, so I just went off. And I was amazed! It was extremely beautiful from down there. 

Atyawan/Sunset beach and CYC Beach - a time to just enjoy and relx the calmness of the ocean. We ate our lunch at Atyawan, together with the rest of our boatmate. At the CYC Beach, it is a long stretch white sand beach, perfect for sunbathing.

-Kayangan Lake-

-Twin Lagoon-

-Siete Pecados-

-Atyawan or Sunset Beach-

-Skeleton Wreck-

-CYC Beach-

Escapade Tour

This is the fundamental of all island/beach hopping tour that I've ever had. The most spectacular beaches I've ever seen my entire 29 years of my life.  The day that I told to myself, "its okey to be tanned/dark skin sometimes".  

-Banana Island-

-Malcapuya Island-

-Bulog Dos Island-


Travel light. Bring clothes that are light in materials and dries easily. Remember: When wet clothes are packed, your luggage will be heavier.

Always bring water and snack with you. Though, lunch and snack are included in your tour package - it may not be enough to give you a huge amount of energy to do watersports.

Bring your snorkeling, aqua shoes and other watersports materials if you have, to avoid renting.

Bring mosquito repellant, personal medicines, rash guard, sunscreen and eyeshades to protect you from the scorching heat of the sun.

Coron uses a 220 volt.

There are atm's in Coron, but I still recommend you to bring cash (Philippine Peso). Most of establishments are cash basis only resorts accept major credit cards and have changing services.

Gadgets - protect it! Not unless its underwater cameras/phones, if isn't I suggest you have to buy a sealed plastic cover for your mobile.

Do not step or touch corals when snorkeling. For your eyes only!

Bring a plastic bag for  your garbage. Please be a responsible traveler. 

Saying good-bye to a wonderful place was a bitter-sweet moment for us. Coron is one of our dream travel escapade and we made it. I love Coron and its enchanting charm that penetrates my soul. I am very proud to say that its really more fun in Coron - indeed,  a love to last. And I want more of Coron, Palawan!

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