escape: Thailand - Abu Dhabi - K.S.A

" Dreams do Come True. Ask and you'll be Answer."

After a month of not updating on whats-who-why-where about my life, I am really excited  to share my journey.  My bare fingers touching the keyboard, the sound of the clicking mouse and the random ideas that comes out in my mind and put it in words, I miss them all. But most of all, I miss you Glams!

First of May year 2014, it is the day that the Lord had made. I asked, and He answered. He let me travel again, after the Bahrain experience last year, He is good and great and He still allowed me to travel to Thailand. Yes! Remember that I had a wishlist about my summer vacation here. Dreams do come true!

My Thailand experience was great  and incredibly awesome. It's about past eleven o'clock when we arrive at Suvarnabbhumi Airport, Bangkok Thailand that day. I am very exhausted though excited. Honestly, mix emotions. It was just a detour to the real destination but I am thankful (absolutely bless!).
Eating Fouduki!

Food at the plane! Yummy!

During the visit to Thailand ( 12 hours of visit), I have listed some trivia about Thailand. Just the basic one that helped me a lot to communicate with the new place and also to new people.

* Thailand time is one hour late from Philippines.
* "Sawadika" in Thai language  means Hi or Hello
* Baht is the Thailand's currency which means 1 Baht is equivalent to 1.33 pesos 
* The travel time by plane from Philippines to Thailand is 3 hours and 30 minutes ( also seen on your plane ticket info)
* "Koponka" which means Thank you.
* Thais' have a unique and bold sense of fashion and style. And i love them a lot!
* Their food is quite same with us with chicken, beef and vegetables but they just cook it in different way. (Every country does, I believe).
*I am personally amazed by their beliefs, and ways.

One of their Gods.

Even though I just stayed there for twelve hours, I really enjoyed the detour. It was raining so hard when we departed. I told to myself, "sometimes their are detours in our life that will make your journey fulfilling!" Our next destination is Abu Dhabi. The plane is flying above the clouds and it was soooo STUNNING! God is so great and he created unbelievable places! It was heaven! 
Flying Above the Clouds
Top View of Thailand! Perfectly Amazing!
 After all the detours, together with my new buddies, we're safe and sound. Alive and ready to conquer this new place, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a NURSE:) !
 See you on my next Escape!


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