Have you ever dreamed of wanting to see and experience Santorini in Greece? I grew up wanting to see and feel that place, not until Philippines has it.  It was surreal!

We came from La Union at eight in the morning and the four hours drive was over when we reached our prime destination at Santiago, Ilocos Sur. We have planned that when we get there, I would like to stay at the famous and luxurious Vitalis Villas. 

The resort was located at Santiago. Santiago which is commonly known as Sabangan or Santiago Cove has been a prominent place to visitor  both foreigners and local because of its white sand and tranquil ambiance. 

There where two Vitalis at Santiago, the new one was Vitalis Villas and the other one was Vitalis White Sand which is the old resort. When we arrived at Vitalis Villas, since it was mid-season of the year, the resort was full and rooms were occupied. The only available room was the family room and it cost three-fourth of our budget. So we decided to transfer at Vitalis White Sand and to my surprise, the inspiration of the resort was just the same at the new one and the difference was it was on the shore of the beach. The resort was relatively painted with blue and white and offers a peaceful and relaxing vacation.

Upon arriving at the front desk, the staff were smiling and accomodated us. We chose a standard room and cost us 4,500 php since we will just stay for a night. It was just 1:00 pm and too early for check in, we've decided to eat our luch while waiting. The spot of the restaurant was stunning and I was fascinated. The crew were friendly and polite. The calmness of the beach was very inviting to jump and swim but I didn't do that because its hot. I just enjoyed the view while having lunch.

We took our order and the food was served a little bit longer but it was worth the wait. The serving was tremendous and it was delicious. After luch, the staff hand us our key at our preferred room. The room was small, it has the basic things you need like towels, television, A/C, hot and cold shower and a mini fridge with lots of drinks inside. The room has a veranda overlooking the sea of Santiago but it was covered with nipahut and the pool. 

When you visit Santiago never missed the beautiful sunset. We rent a kayak and the experience was majestic witnessing the changing of colors of the sky and capture every moment and you'll be mezmerise.

There are tons of resorts in the Philippines and Vitalis is one of the few you might want to include in your next trip.



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