12 Grateful x 30 Achievements

It is our little achievements everyday that makes us successful and stronger. Thats why little achievements matter. Little achievements is what define us, and success is the acknowledgement of our effort.

I' am about to sleep  at 11th hour this evening, but I came across my blog and staring at it as if Im waiting for something. I scrolled it down, reading some of my old post and just smiling for a reason that its been four years since I started my journey writing about various topics. I thought, I may not have hundreds of followers or readers or I may not have tremendous comments though it matter for some reason, I am happy. Indeed, this 'lil space is my outlet of whats happening inside me.

I read my post about  30X30 here . I felt I am overachiever, am I? According to Paulo Coelho, 'There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve : the fear of failure'. In order for us to achieve success, we should not fear failure. Instead, we should recognize our little successes in our daily life because it is one step ahead on what we want in life. 

And I just want to share with you how grateful and thankful I am that I do achieve 12 ways to live my life to the fullest before turning toodler next year. I am grateful to my Creator, He blessed me and guided me every step of the way. It is not 'my' achievement but it's His.

  1. Travel more. I have listed some of the countries and cities that I have visited and soon to visit. 
  2. Meet and greet with Tricia Gosingtian via IG Live. Yes!
  3. Volunteer for a charity.  Here in Saudi Arabia there are various non-government organizations. This NGO's mission is to help filipino communities and give assistance to them whenever they need it. 

  4. Splurge myself into a thrift goodies. Yes, I was able to do this when I was in vacation. I find thrift stores unique and awesome.
  5. Stay and sleep at expensive hotel. I did this when I took my NMAT exam last October. If you're asking how was my experience both my exam and hotel? It was incredibly hilarious. I stayed at Hotel Veniz ( here ) and I didn't make it in my NMAT. 
  6. Reading the bible or atleast studying about Him and His deeds. Jesus is the Son of Man . I am still on the process. I believe He's at work.
  7. Experience a fine dine. Oh Yes! at Oasis and Thunderbird Resort, San  Fernando La Union. I am a lucky girl that day because they serve my favorite dish, Japanese  food (drooling on sushi).
  8. Fix my crooked teeth. I'm almost done! And I would like to thank Dr. Rhona for my smile and to Dr. Yasser who patiently slice my gums for my implant tooth. I am really excited about it!
  9. Zipline. Scared of heights, I conquered my fear. I did it when I went to Ilocos. 

      10. Attend to a huge worship/fellowship service. Yes! I've done it with the help of my two brothers who walked with me miles to find the CCF-Main. ( here )

       11. Eat exotic food. Tasted! I did one stick of big squid with too much spices on it. It was salty!

       12. Special Gift to my parents. And I was hoping they will enjoy Malaysia trip this coming July 2017. 
To accomplish great things, we need to be  filled with gratitude in our hearts. In order for us to achieve what we want in life, we must dream as well as act. Life will not not make you unless you make it your own. Celebrate your little achievements because it is success. Little achievements boost up confidence and self-esteem. Little achievements makes you do more . Remember , all great accomplishments  begin with small dream. Make it happen, no matter what.

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